FAQs About the Digital Publication


Learn about EPUB and Mobi files


An Epub file is the industry standard electronic publication file since 2007. The EPUB format has many advantages, including the ability to change text size and font, switch from light to dark backgrounds and whatever else your reader will allow.

In order to open an EPUB file, you will need an EPUB reader. Any iOS device will open EPUB files, as will any Mac running MacOS 10.9 or newer in Apple’s excellent iBooks program. If you have a Mac (running 10.9) or iOS device, we recommend iBooks. If you are not running 10.9, we recommend Calibre

If you have a PC running Windows, you can choose a reader application from a large selection of applications. Many readers are pleased with Calibre – a free EPUB reader for almost every operating system.


A file with the MOBI file extension is a Mobipocket eBook file. Mobi files are specifically for Kindle devices. While Mobi files can be opened on any PC using Kindle applications, we recommend sticking with the EPUB unless you have a Kindle.

How do I get the file to my Kindle?

Sending the Mobi file to your Kindle

You can transfer your mobi file to your Kindle in several ways.

We recommend visiting Amazon’s Send to Kindle page for a list of options including a small application making it a simple drag-and-drop process.

Should I use the EPUB or the Mobi?

Running a Mac or iOS device?

Open the EPUB file in iBooks. If you are not running MacOS 10.9 you cannot run iBooks and we recommend Calibre

Running a PC with Windows, Linux, etc?

Calibre is a free and highly esteemed EPUB reader app for almost every operating system.

Do you have a Kindle?

Send the file to your Kindle.