Despite coffee’sĀ enormous global influence and endlessly fascinating stories, the bulk of this wealth has rarely been published in an interesting, engaging way. This is our goal.

At an academic conference in 2007, Carlos Saenz described the agony of burning his coffee farm for economic reasons, and the story seemed immensely relevant to both the professionals who serve the beverage and the consumers who drink it. Almost none were present. Thus, Saenz sparked an early plan for a journal that told stories like his, cross pollinating the research, specialty coffee and consumer worlds with startling perspectives and vivid writing. We aim to collect voices from journalism, academia and elsewhere in food and drink, publishing as frequently as necessary and paying contributors for their work. The magazine will be distinctly international and will be ad-free. Longberry is a partnership of James Hoffmann, former World Barista Champion and co-founder of Square Mile Coffee; Ben Szobody, a longtime political journalist now in coffee-related development projects; and Jacob Forrest, a graphic designer and coffee hobbyist.